As an ACTED senior driver your main objective will be in ensuring that ACTED’s staff are driven safely to meetings, workshops, and other work-related destinations; and that the ACTED vehicle under his/her charge is maintained in an optimal working condition. He performs transparent and efficient logistics activities for ACTED programs in Bucharest and support when need minor logistics activity specifically the one related to expatriate staff in country.
Duties and Responsibilities

1. Driving duties

Provide transport to ACTED staff e.g. to and from meetings, field missions, airport etc. when needed and ensure highest quality, courteous, efficient services and safe driving for all occupants.
Collect and deliver mail, packages, equipment; and maintains records of all deliveries and distributions.
Comply, observe the Traffic rules and ACTED’s policies on driving at all times
Plan ahead to meet anticipated travel requirements. Fueling, pre-travel checks, travel docs, vehicle expenses and any other docs and persons traveling for packing instructions and timings.
Ensure all vehicle maintenance services are carried out in accordance with set service schedules and checklist duly signed and completed.
Submit reports indicating vehicle condition and undertake all repair work assigned properly to meet set standards in readiness for travel. Also, to continuously monitor condition of the vehicle assigned to and promptly report to the Logistics Officer in case of any damages, accidents and incidents.
Perform operational inspection of vehicle on a regular basis and before and after long trips to include tires, lights, brakes, fuel, oil, water, and interior;
Performs minor repairs, arranges for regular maintenance and ensures that the vehicle is kept clean and in good running condition at all times.
Ensures safety and custody of the vehicle, including tools.
Ensures availability of all the required documents/supplies including vehicle insurance, registration, logs, first aid kit, accessories and necessary spare parts are in the assigned vehicle. Also be accountable for them
Ensures that, in the event of an accident involving his assigned vehicle, the necessary steps required by rules and regulations are followed.
Ensure copies of daily mileage logs, pen and clipboard are readily available in the vehicle assigned to, promptly collect used sheets to avoid loss or defacing.
Routinely check the assigned vehicles Licenses, Insurances and promptly advice the Logistics Officer when renewals are due
Report immediately on route changes due to security, bad weather, road conditions or otherwise to the Logistics Officer as the situations arises.
Ensures that all required driving training is successfully completed and certifications are kept up to date.
Assist office staff in filing, photocopying and maintaining stores when required.
Exchanges relevant information and maintains an open line of communication with colleagues and his/her supervisor.
When appropriate, undertake other related duties assigned by the supervisor and/or management.
Protection Mainstreaming
Promoting of and adhering to Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse policy and guidelines (for site residents, ACTED staff, partner agencies, casual labors).

Skills and Experience Required

Valid driving license for at least 3 years
Self-motivated, able to work independently or as part of a team
Spoken English

The length of the contract will be 5 months
Apply with CV at recruitment.romania@acted.org
The last day to apply is 30.09.2022