Job title: Border Counselor based in Timișoara
Project: “Advocacy on access to territory and data collection and management” funded by UNHCR;
Main location: Timișoara
Employee category: Full-Time
Duration of contract: February, 2022 – 31st of December, 2022;

The Romanian National Council for Refugees (CNRR) under its UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) funded project “Advocacy on access to territory and data collection and management”, is looking for a BORDER COUNSELLOR to be based in Timisoara.

Background information

The Romanian National Council for Refugees (CNRR) has over twenty years of experience in successfully developing and implementing projects concerning migrants` assistance. CNRR provides specialized legal assistance to asylum seekers, refugees and other categories of foreigners through a specialized network of legal counsellors and lawyers.

CNRR has been advocating for a protection-sensitive border management in partnership with UNHCR starting with 1998.

Nature of work
The BORDER COUNSELLOR will work in close cooperation with other colleagues in the project and will be supervised by the Project Coordinator.
The incumbent will be based in Timișoara and will mainly perform field work, in close cooperation with public institutions (such as the Border Police Timișoara) and the community of people of concern (including asylum seekers) living outside the Reception Center.

Main responsibilities and duties:
The successful candidate will:

 Develop and maintain good working relations with the Border Police Timiș;
 Cooperate closely with the Border Police and other relevant actors (UNHCR, IGI, non-governmental organizations) and participate in technical meetings with representatives of relevant authorities;
 Carry out weekly monitoring visits at border areas in the Western region according to a pre-established plan and/or upon need / request;
 Intervene in an operative manner on individual border incidents at the airport transit areas and/or at the green borders with Hungary and Serbia, upon request;
 Provide legal counselling to persons subject to border procedure, upon request;
 Carry out bi-monthly visits at the Horia Public Custody Center (Arad County) and provide counselling and assistance on access to a new asylum procedure, upon request.
 Support the establishment of a cross-border cooperation mechanism in order to gather and compare relevant information on arrivals, denials of entry, border incidents, etc., carry out interventions and provide support and counselling for persons seeking international protection at the border areas;
 Collect data and information on migration flows through the use of questionnaires and other data collection tools applied to people of concern, including persons at the border areas, Arad Public Custody Center and within the Timișoara community of asylum seekers and migrants
 Establish and maintain contact with the community of asylum seekers living outside the RC Timisoara, including people that have willingly left the Reception Centers in the country and interrupted the asylum procedure
 Provide counselling to the community of migrants, including asylum seekers who live outside the Reception Center in Timișoara, on their rights and obligations, importance of continuing the asylum procedures, risk of smuggling, consequence of illegal border crossing, Dublin return, etc.; collect information on the profiles of these people and their intentions/motivation.

The successful candidate is expected to:
• have the availability to travel;
• Be available to provide emergency assistance when needed, including during weekends;
• Perform other related duties as required;
• Dispose of a car and have willingness to use it for work purposes.

• Good command of spoken and written English and Romanian languages. Knowledge of other languages is a plus.
• A valid driver's license.
• At a minimum, Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences or Legal studies. Persons with legal studies and/or with prior experience in projects/ organizations assisting disadvantaged groups are strongly encouraged to apply.
• Proven experience in the field is preferred, but not a must. Entry-level candidates with a strong desire and interest in humanitarian and refugee work are also encouraged to apply.

The candidate must also possess the following abilities:
• Communicate effectively orally and in writing, in a multicultural environment
• Ability to work with disadvantaged groups in non-discriminatory manner
• Proven ability to work with public institutions and build constructive dialogue
• Proven ability to work effectively as a member of a team and to exercise independent judgment responsibly

CNRR complies with applicable laws governing non-discrimination in employment.

Application process will consist of two phases as outlined below:
PHASE 1: Applicants are kindly requested to send a CV and a letter of intent in English.
Deadline for applications: 17th of January 2022.
PHASE 2: The selected applicants will be invited for an interview: between the 18th and the 25th of January 2022.
Please apply at:, For additional information, please contact us by using the email address provided or by phone at +4 021 312 62 10.