Under the supervision of the Team Leader, Field Officer the incumbent is responsible for supporting the REACH team on field assessments activities.

Perfectly master and apply in practice the basic humanitarian principles.

Adhere to the rules of internal regulations, safety rules and Code of Conduct ACTED.

Participate in trainings and exercises aimed to improving skills.

Thoroughly know and be able to apply the methodology of research, methods of selection of respondents and the protocol of interviews.

Be able to organize meetings at all levels and conduct interviews at data collection sites with sample groups and key informants.

Adhere to the plans developed by the management for data collection with using of appropriate technical devices.

Ensure error-free input, storage and processing of entered information in accordance with the instructions.

Be able to evaluate and conduct initial analysis of collected information.

Coordinate your work with management, take an active part in the discussion of plans and results of work and any other issues.

Always follow the instructions and guidelines of the team leader, job description of the enumerator and the code of conduct.

Prepare reports on implementation progress of the assessment.

Perform other tasks at the request of the team leader.


High level of self-organization. Be able to work with a minimum level of coordination

Fluency in Ukrainian and Russian

Experience using a smartphone based on the ANDROID operating system

Knowledge of software: Windows, MS Word, Excel, Outlook

Highly developed teamwork skills

Highly developed communication skills

High level of dedication


Experience in humanitarian organizations

Knowledge of Romanian required. English an asset

Experience working with people of different ages and social status

Experience in conducting research (including sociological)

Experience in conducting individual and group surveys

Experience with KOBO Collect.

The contract will be for a period of 1 month with the possibility of extension.

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