Teach for Romania is a non-governmental organization, thatenvisions life opportunities through excellent education for every child in Romania, regardless of his or her social and economic background. Our mission is to recruit, train and support professionals who take ownership for transforming the society, through a leadership development program in education. After the 2 year teaching program, Teach For Romania supports its alumni, equipped with the experience, conviction, and insights to be a force for change, working across sectors to expand educational opportunity.

The Support team focuses on a few key areas in the organization: the Leadership Summer Academy, ongoing mentoring for teachers and development and student achievement impact / results. The Support team at the Leadership Summer Academy works to equip teachers with the knowledge, skills and beliefs they need in order to lead their students to high achievements and an excellent education. The knowledge, skills and beliefs align to our leadership framework called Teaching As Leadership. The Support team works to create assessments and year-long plans, create performance management and tracker tools, collect and analyze student achievement data.

You will manage, support and mentor groups of 18-20 teachers, and will be responsible for the development and growth of the young professionals as teachers, helping them to lead their classroom to great student achievement. You will break down the Teaching As Leadership model and explain teaching practices and methods in an effective way. You should be able to deal with conflicts and come up with proper resolutions, as well as develop resilience as a vital skill in teachers. We are really looking for a person who will wear a few „hats” in this role: Leader - in inspiring people (having a vision, being able to manage different changes, being determined to pursue his/her vision despite any obstacle, keeping commitments, sharing best practices and experiences with the teachers, demonstrating learning authonomy, leading by example) Coach - developing people (loving and caring deeply for assigned teachers, building strong relationships, active listening, understanding each teacher’s uniqueness profile and the need to differentiate support, knowing how to give and receive effective feedback) Manager - producing results (setting clear expectations, goals and timelines, holding teachers accountable - believing in teachers’ potential, using performance management systems and evaluation tools, following up teachers’ performance consistenly) Teacher - having a clear vision of what excellence in education looks like, identifing key levers needed to improve a classroom, knowing where to access content and other instructional knowledge Mentor – sharing experience ( guiding teachers to better understand their role and to maintain their focus on childrens’ needs, helping participants to reflect on the meaning of this experience for themselves and their long-term leadership) Reports to: Support Manager Role-type: Full-time, based in Iasi/București.


To impact student achievement. As tutor, your mindset, knowledge and beliefs will impact those of the teachers you are leading, which would in turn impact (and positively affect) those of the students, thus leading to significant student achievement and transformation.
To build relationships with communities. Develop some of these relationships with schools, school leaders, community members, etc., particularly with the marginalized groups.
To observe the instructional strategies used by our teachers and use observations to provide them with guidance.
To guide our teachers to set and reach ambitious student achievement goals, through various mechanisms (group or individual debrief sessions and coaching and mentoring sessions).
To connect teachers with resources and develop solutions to address their instructional challenges. •
To develop knowledge and skills of best teaching practices through frequent documentation and interaction with the Support team.
To contribute in building relationships with partner schools with the aim of increasing stakeholder satisfaction and facilitating the community impact.
To lead and come up with resolutions in case of communication issues between our teachers / partner schools / other teachers / parents / extended communities.
To provide input and feedback to the teachers and Teach for Romania.
To support teachers as they implement their community/school development projects.
To evaluate and assess (within our performance management systems) the assigned teachers.
To have the ability to build supportive and professional relationships with teachers and motivate them to develop their own leadership capacity.

To contribute to cross-functional and team-wide priorities on an occasional basis, when needed.
To provide support and guidance in the integration and teacher qualification process (titularizare process).
To initiate meetings / relationships with potential partner organisations.
To find ambassadors / supporters through our campus and young professional networks.
To help the Marketing team with creative ideas on developing specific materials around ongoing and future projects.

We are looking for someonewith:
A strong „Self-Reflection” and „Critical thinking”
A strong ‘Sense of Possibility and Empathy’.
Willingness to learn.
Excellent time management and organizational skills. Exceptional people management skills. ; (mentoring&coaching skills exceptional communication skills)
English Proficency minimum level B
Experience with budget management.

Who is:
Fit with Teach for Romania’s vision, mission, values.
A team player;

Who knows:
MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)

Experience required for this role:
2 years or more of working experience in primary education Experience working closely with low-income communities. Classroom management and instructional experience.

It would be a plus:
T-o-T certificate preferred
Driving licence category B
Previous management experience
Strategic thinking.