The Association of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in Romania announces the launch of the project "My Place - a bridge for the integration of BIPs and TCNs in Romania"

The project has a duration of 12 months and is financed through the National Program - Fund for Asylum, Migration and Integration (contract number: FAMI / 19.04.01 (02)), managed in Romania by the Ministry of Internal Affairs - the Directorate of Foreign Non-Refundable Funds, as the Responsible Authority, and the General Inspectorate for Immigration, as the Contracting Authority. The project has a total value of 1,619,010.08 lei and is meant to complement the activities previously carried out in other similar projects.

The support of the process of effective integration of the beneficiaries of a form of protection (BIPs) and of the foreigners (TCNs - third-country nationals) with legal residence in Romania at the level of Galaţi, Constanţa, Vrancea, Bacău, Vaslui, Brăila, Tulcea counties, will be carried out with mainly for the vulnerable categories of persons or with special needs, by offering complementary services to those provided by the state. These include activities such as information, counseling, material, legal, medical, psychological assistance as well as social, cultural, recreational, educational, Romanian language courses and cultural orientation, at the level of the two regional integration centers existing in the cities: Galaţi (Brailei street no. 37, et. 2), and Constanta (Mamaia bd., no. 13).

The project also aims to involve cultural mediators, interpreters and volunteers at the local level as well as to develop local support networks at the level of institutions and organizations that come into contact with foreigners or within their communities, which are relevant at the multicultural level.

Executive Director
Cătălin Albu
JRS România, tel.,

Programul Național – Fondul pentru Azil, Migrație și Integrare
Titlul proiectului „My Place – o punte pentru integrarea BPI şi RTT în România"
Număr contract: FAMI/19.01.04 (02)
Beneficiar: Asociaţia JRS Romania