As Group ” Young Fighters for Environment”, we are very glad to invite you to our Training Course on “Solving Global Environmental Problems with Intercultural Dialog” which will take place in Ankara / Turkey on 7-14 November 2008. For 8 days 8 different EU countries will be in Turkey.

It is beyond any doubt that environmental problems are the most important problems in our world. Everyday we have many bad news about the results of the global environmental damages. As this subject is very important and there is no borders between these problems as Group “Young Fighters for Environment”, we try to find how to combat with these problems with intercultural dialog.

In this training course, the role of the civil society and non-governmental organizations in international environmental activities will be on our agenda. We are going to explain the European environmental policy, objectives and the principles of the European Union. What have been done in terms of environmental integration is another subject that will be included within the course. During the training course we are also going to focus on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, sustainable development, the role of NGOs and the importance of young people. We are going to use both formal and non-formal education methods with an intercultural dimension. It is planned to be a balanced mixture of both theory and case studies selected from everyday examples.

We also hope to have the opportunity to exchange our experiences and create good networks that could work in the future. This course will be the opportunity to enhance exchange, partnership and co-operation.