The 2018 European Social Innovation Competition, RE:THINK LOCAL, launched today at Station F in Paris. This year’s edition of the competition will award €150,000 to ideas that take a place-based approach to developing solutions that support young people to participate in the economy.



Youth unemployment is a persistent problem in the European Union. It currently stands at double the unemployment rate of the adult population. Increasing numbers of young people are also starting their working lives in short-term or casual jobs, often in the gig economy.

Long-term unemployment or underemployment is damaging for the future employability of young people and also creates knock-on negative impacts for society. Fresh thinking is required, which is why this year’s edition of the competition is looking for solutions that take a place-based approach.

Different places have different histories of industrial change, migration, regeneration and ‘brain drain’, which affect young people and the whole community. Each place has its own challenges and assets arising from its unique story. We’re calling on Europeans to think about this story, and to ask themselves what’s available in their local community and what’s presenting a challenge. How could this be used to design solutions that ensure young people can fully participate in the economy and society?



The competition is looking for solutions that use local characteristics to create opportunities for young people to develop skills for the world of work, to begin long-term pathways towards stable employment, to start their own entrepreneurial initiatives and to improve the quality of life and financial security of young people in irregular work.

We’re particularly interested in how new technologies and new ways of working arising from the fourth industrial revolution could be used to do this. Ideas that are led by young people are also encouraged.


Full article and application form available here.